Our Robot section is fairly new. We try to establish a good collection of Robots. We concentrate on battery operated or wind-up robots from the 1950s and 60s and remote micro-chip controlled ones from the mid 80s. If you visit us in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada, you can meet all the little guys, you see on this webpage, in person. (And even see them in action!).
Robots (especially old tin robots) are not only a expensive collectable, they are also a manifestation of our dreams and hopes for a better future. They have great designs, interesting features and last but not least represent a lot of fun.

Our Robot-Collection (Click on the pics to enlarge and to get more information)

1950 - 1960
The Robots of this era are rare and highly collectable. Therefore they cost a lot of money sometimes. Since the museum is privately owned and basically founded on one persons collection and purse, most of the robots here are not in prestine C9+ condition. Nevertheless, we try to do the best we can to present you the old fellows from their nicest side...

Atomic Robot Man 1948

The Original "Atomic Robot Man"
Made in occupied Japan in the late 40s. This is one of the first robot toys ever made!

Linemar Lantern Robot Linemars "Lantern Robot"

1960 - 1970

1970 - Now

Russian Robot

Plastic Robot made in Russia. Out of Production now, but still available on the Internet. They are getting harder to find. They were available in several colours and produced in Leningrad as far as we know.

Mighty Robot

Mighty Robot made in China. New in Box. Still available on the Internet. Neat looking, all tin. Basically it is a tin copy of the Russian robot.

Chatbot New!

TOMY Chatbot.

Tomy Koms-B New!


Dingbot New!

TOMY Dingbot.

Flipbot New!

TOMY Flipbot.

Tomy Omnibot New!

TOMY Omnibot.

Forcebot New!