Kenbak #1

This Kenbak was the first that we could aquire. It has the CTI logo on the front. It has a modified power supply. The fan is on the outside.

What's with the CTI Label?

Why is on the Computer Museum's Kenbak-1 the C.T.I. Education Products, INC. Label and not "Kenbak-1"? Well C.T.I. was the first sales agent for the Kenbak-1. Blankenbaker sent all the pieces and parts to CTI. CTI assembled the computers and put their logo on the front. They renamed the machine H-5050. As far as I know CTI bought 8 of the 40 Kenbak-1s. The Computer Museum's machine is one of those 8.


Please click on the pictures to enlarge.

Front Panel. Please note the CTI Logo. You can read the explanation for that in the text above.
The only thing not original on our Kenbak is the power switch.
A well designed computer without Microprocessor
The switches-panel. One switch is kind of loose, but we hope to restore the computer completely.
A closer look at the Mainboard.
A closer look at the Mainboard.
The power supply

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